Bring the final touch to your product with powder coating.

Our powder coating process will bring a durable and protective finish to your metal parts while adding to the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of your product.


We can customize the process to accommodate different types of products, different types of coatings and different production.  We are committed to providing consistency and efficiency in our paint line system to reduce costs and improve product quality.

Paint and Powder Coat:

Batch powder coating

10’ x 10’ x 30’ dual oven system  with nanotechnology
Our use of nanotechnology in powder coating provides longer-lasting, cleaner and stronger coatings with more resistance to corrosion, wear and scratches.

6 stage reverse osmosis wash line

76” x 46” opening accommodating parts up to 96” long and 400lb per hook 6-stage wash with dry off
Our reverse osmosis technology gives better paint adhesion and a higher quality finished part, while reducing water consumption.

Wagner SuperCube quick change powder booth and supercenter

Running speed 6’-12’per minute
The Wagner SuperCube booth gives us flexibility and efficiency in color change and creates an even flow distribution for high quality coatings.

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