Our finishing department provides applications to improve the surface of your metal products.

We have a variety of treatments and processes that improve the durability and appearance of metal parts.  From grinding and buffing to sandblasting, we offer capabilities for any finish you are looking for.

Our two blast booths use steel shot to strip the metal down  for uniform texture.  The high speed abrasive results in a smooth, clean texture.  This is used before powder coat process to make the paint adhere better.

The Timesavers 3200 Finishing Machine gives us the capability for high production deburring and finishing.  The 32 Series Rotary Brush gives versatility for deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide removal.  The Timesavers offers 4 multi-directional brush heads, a zero to four inch bed opening and a width of 43 inches.

Our two SuperMax24s offer flexibility and multiple options in finishing, from sanding to straight-lining and graining to polishing.  Featuring quick brush head changes, adjustable tension rollers and precision height adjustments, the finish possibilities are endless.

Machines and Capabilities

  • (2) Blast booths – Steel grit, glass bead and aluminum oxide with 30’ x 12’ x 10’ enclosures
  • Timesavers belt brush 52”
  • Timesavers 22 Series edge rounding machine 52” 
  • (2) SuperMax24 single brush sanders 

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