We provide a variety of services


Roberts Manufacturing is not only a full-range metal fabricating and coating specialist, but also provides value-added services such as: industrial design, design for manufacturing analysis and design for cost reduction.

At Roberts Manufacturing we make it a priority to listen to customers, and to solve their complex problems or goals with simple solutions. This way of doing business brings customers back time and again, as they come to appreciate the personalized attention and expertise devoted toward achieving their goals.


Software including SolidWorks, SigmaNest, SigmaTube, SigmaPunch and TruTops Bend and technical services such as industrial design, design for manufacturing and green design.

Technical Services
  • Industrial Design
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Green Design
Manufacturing capabilities

6,000w fiber optic laser with tower, 4,000w standalone laser with sheet and tube capability, Trumpf 6,000 punch laser combo with sheetmaster, Trumpf 7000 Tube laser with bundle loading, CNC sheet sheering, CNC band saw, CNC turret punch, four brakes with six-axis back gauges, CNC mills and lathes, mobile tapping arms, two insertion presses, 100-ton CNC angle roll, and one-quarter x 60” four roll CNC plate roll.

Welding Capabilities

Eight-manual welding stations with Bluco fixturing systems Mig, tig, steel, aluminum and stainless. 150 KVA DC Spot Welder; and two Panasonic center rotation welding robots Bluco fixturing for 1,300-pound 5’ x10’ and 60” x 36” reach respectively with aluminum, steel and stainless offline programming.

Finishing Department

Grit blast booth with air wash and auto-reclaim; glass bead, aluminum-oxide, etc. available; and 52-inch Time-saver belt and brush.


76” x 46” six-stage wash paint line with quick change automatic powder paint line. 30’ x 12’ x 10” dual oven batch with nano-technology seven-stage reverse osmosis wash. 26’ x 14’ x 8’ wet coat booth.

Surface prep

Grit blast booth with air wash and auto-reclaim 24’ x 10’ 10’ blast booth with glass bead, aluminum-oxide, etc. available; and 52-inch Time-saver belt and brush and 52” timesaver 2200 Rotary Brush edge rounding machine

Assembly kitting and shipping

Full range assembly and kitting capability.


Peterbilt 337 20’ x 96”
11,000lb payload

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